Smooth Sealing
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Smooth Sealing can solve all your asphalt maintenance needs. From the base up.  We do everything that has to do with asphalt.  New asphalt, overlays, crack filling, line painting, and seal coating.  

What is seal coating?       Once you get your lot/driveway paved it hardens and after a couple months you can notice that it has already lost some color. The oils in the pavement are already wearing down. Seal-coating can help prevent further breakdown and wear to occur. Keeping up the maintenance with seal coating, crack filling and line painting, will help you in many ways. Re-paving costs a lot, as well as interferes with parking situations for extended periods of time with loud and heavy machinery.

Smooth Sealing has a variety of ways to help you. If you have relatively new asphalt we can spray on a slurry seal with a wand, and if you have cracks we can apply hot rubber to keep them from the elements that will continue to spread your asphalt apart. Need parking lines? We got you covered. What if your lot is starting to flake off rocks? We have a squeegee machine that will do more, it resurfaces! And if you need patching or paving? We can do that too. We will work day or night to make us the most convenient choice.

No matter whether it is a small or large project, our expertise will enhance the look and value of your property. Call us in Calgary, AB today for a FREE consultation.